Welcome  to  the World  of   ELIGENA

Would you like to fall asleep under soft and cozy layers of silk? 

Or would you like to wrap yourself to one of our high-quality bathrobes?


ELIGENA offers high-quality products for homes, hotels and living. Our products are made from best materials that our partners around the world are offering.

The ELIGENA -silk product family consists of high-quality silk quilts, made from 100% mulberry silk. The mulberry silk is known as one of the finest silks in the world. The mulberry silk fiber is round, fine and strong. Silk quilts feel warm during the winter and cool during the summer, because of their ability to breath and absorb moisture. The ELIGENA -silk product family consists also of silk beddings, which are easy to take care of. The colors of the silk beddings reflect the Scandinavian nature. 

ELIGENA sells and produces exclusive bath- and hotel textiles. The ELIGENA -hotel textile selection consists of bathrobes, slippers, bathmats, towels and beddings. Our good and long-lasting relationships to our partners in different countries enables us to modify the production according to your wishes and requirements. 

ELIGENA offers also a cashmere&wool product family, that consists of beautiful and warm scarfs and shawls. The materials of scarfs are wool, silk and cashmere wool.

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"I have been lucky to be able to live in different countries. Different European, Asian, Middle-Eastern, South-and North-American cultures have inspired me. People in different countries have guided and taught me a lot. During my travels I have recognised that each corner in the world has its own specially nice products for home and living. In ELIGENA, we would like to share these nice experiences with you. We are tailoring our products so that they keep the special luxurious touch from the original culture and products fit to your daily living. "

  - We don’t want to bring another mass product to our customers. Instead we are offering you individual products that are long lasting, natural and luxurious. Adding real comfort to our customers life is our wish and motivation. -

          Anne Prinz

          Co-Founder & Managing Director