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Valid from 1.4.2016


Customer information

All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information of the order will not used without your consent to other than to deliver the order or clarifying an order. 




Products are paid by cash on delivery (COD) or by bank transfer.  In case of self pick up the payment method is cash or bank transfer as prepayment. No products will be sent with an invoice for later payment.


Order confirmation

After successful order, you will be sent an order confirmation to the email address you gave for the order.



Delivery methods and costs
For deliveries in or outside Finland we always confirm the freight costs separately and send to customer an order confirmation before delivery.



Terms of delivery

Freight, insurance and delivery costs are offered to customer according the chosen delivery method.
Available delivery methods and related costs are shown to customer during the order process.
For deliveries inside Finland with value over 50 Euros, prices usually include cost, insurance and freight until the nearest Post Office or pick-up station.


Delivery time

Delivery times depend on the delivery method and order. For deliveries in or outside Finland we always confirm the delivery time separately and send to customer an order confirmation before delivery. We are not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect damages caused by delays. Abnormal delivery times are informed according best knowledge in order confirmation.



Exchange and Return Terms  

According the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to exchange or return your order to the whole or part of it within 14 days of order confirmation or receiving the product. Return Policy applies only to the original package, unused and undamaged products bearing all original product identifiers.
If you want to return or exchange products, please contact in advance directly with the dealer.
When you return the order supplied, attach the original package your customer number/ your name, your contact details and account number, and a copy of the receipt for a full refund.
We reserve the right to reduce from refund sum the amount of shipping and return costs.

Return to:
A & C Prinz Oy
Ylijoentie 133
20460 Turku
Phone: +358 (0)50 5399691



If the product is lost or damaged during transportation or otherwise not correspond to your order, you should report an error within 14 days to the address mentioned on chapter “Exchange and Return Terms”. If the package is damaged in transit, complaint must be made to the shipping company.   

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