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We have chosen silk as one main material of our product line. All around the world silk is known as comfortable, soft, durable and luxurious material.


Our ELIGENA-silkproduct line includes exclusive ELIGENA -silk quilts that are made from 100% Mulberry-silk. Mulberry-silk is considered as one of the finest silk in the world. Mulberry-silk fiber is round, fine and strong, making material very durable. Silk quilt is soft, breathing and exclusive natural product. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 



ELIGENA –silk beddings, sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers, are easy to care and colours we have chosen to our product line are reflecting the Scandinavian nature. Silk quilt or a silk bedding is valuable and a long-lasting natural product. It is an investment into a better sleep. Silk quilts and bed sheets are unique gifts for a spouse, grandparents, young people moving away from home, for wedding couples and of course, as Christmas presents. You can delight your business partners or say thank you to your staff by giving silk products as presents.

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