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Our blanket ''Power of Wood'' is designed by Katariina Prinz. It is made of 100% wool and produced in Finland in co-operation with our partner Annala Oy. 

The softness, lightness and airiness of the quilt has been achieved with a special waving technique and double layer of wool.

The blanket's Nordic style, elegant beauty and colors, beige and putty, are suitable for a wide range of interior design environments - homes, cottages, hotels, public buildings - to give joy and warmth to every moment.

The ''Power of Wood''  woolen blanket is a tribute to our forests and a reminder of what forests and trees provide our society and us people. The annual rings of wood on the blanket reflect our centuries-enduring, strong roots and relation to nature, and the infinite life and opportunities forests provide us. 

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The material of the quilt is 100% wool. Wool is a natural material that repels dirt.

It is also a fireproof material and an easy to take care. 

It is recommended to wash the blanket with chemical wash. 

The size of the quilt is 140cm x 180cm.

Standard colour of the quilt is beige.

It is possible to get blanket and design "Power of Wood" in different colours and sizes.

The ''Power of Wood'' quilt also comes as a thick and smooth bedspread.

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''There's nothing more beautiful than stepping into nature.

Breathing fresh oxygen, listening to the sound of serene silence. Feeling nature's infinite hands wrapped around us, giving us a sense of tranquility.

Taking care of us and providing for us.''


Katariina Prinz, Fashion Designer 

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