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The weight of silk quilt is defined by the amount of silk fibre layers that are top together inside the quilt cover bag. The more silk layers and the more grams the quilt is having, the more valuable the silk quilt is. Also the price of silk quilt is defined what kind of silk is used, for example is it Mulberry or Tussah silk and what quality silk is used.

Mulberry silk thread is belonging to one of the strongest and one of the most valuable silks. The material made from Mulberry silk is extremely durable. Mulberry silk thread and fibre is round, fine and smooth. Mulberry silk worms are fed with white mulberry leaves and as consequence the Mulberry cocoons are usually white. Mulberry silk fibre is from natural colour white and it is not usually coloured. Another silk species, Tussah-silk and its silk worms are fed with wild food and this is the reason Tussah cocoons are usually with many colours. Tussah silk might be coloured during the production process in order to get the silk fibre white and nice looking.

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